Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Session 4

I really enjoyed this session on assistive technology. I have participated in two other classes, which had a session devoted to this topic. However what set this class’s session apart from the others was that we were in the ACIT lab and we got to actually engage in exploring the various forms of assistive technology and we had an open forum where we all got to share what we had learned about. I applaud the “substitute teacher” for continuing to have us students engaging in active learning. Although there was a lecture portion, which was interesting and informative, I find that having a learning activity helps so much with captivating my attention and helps me to better learn what I am being taught as well as increase my interest.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Session 3

After the third session, I am excited to work on the web 2.o project. There are so many (a kagillion) websites to explore and visit that I have never heard about.

Since I will be away in Spain next week, and will be missing two classes, it is very tempting to do a project on Skype. However, I have a feeling that a lot of the students in this class are familiar with the program. Additionally, I would prefer to do a project on a website that I am not familiar with so that I take advantage of this learning experience to explore something different and new.

I am also somewhat looking forward to the challenge of the spreadsheet assignment because for one, it gives me the opportunity to better learn this program and have a practical application which I can take advantage of in the future.

I do hope that I can somehow be in touch with the class somehow when I am overseas. Perhaps a webcam, blog, chat room, or even a brief visit via Skype for a conversation. We will see, but I am enthusiastic about trying to do something. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Session 2

After the second session, I find that I am enjoying this class and that it is going to be useful for future application in teaching. The instructor is very organized and presents very well. I like having the materials well organized and available in advance.

I have liked participating in the discussion boards and blog. I have never had a class where we utilized this forum or technology. It furthermore seems to be appropriate for a course on computer based technology in education. I am glad to have learned about the resource; Atomic Learning, something that I did not know existed until today's class, and something that I will use in the future!

I am finding that I am already learning a lot from this course, the teacher, and my peers. It has a good pace to it, and I find that the time goes by quickly. I enjoyed our preliminary work on the excel assignment and was glad that we had a chance to learn about and navigate the program together in class.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Session 1

It seems as though I may have inadvertently saved the best for last. This will be the final course that I have to take before I student teach and then I will earn a Master's in Special Education. I am excited about this class for various reasons. The reason first is because it has bought a key aspect about the individuals who I will be educating in the future to the forefront for me. It is something which I have not overlooked, but have not considered in depth recently, and this course has me immediately reexamining "the 21st century learner." Technology plays a massive role in the lives of most young people today. As an educator, I have to be very cognizant of the role and influence that this plays in the lives of the individuals who I will be teaching.

This brings me to my second reason that I'm excited about this course and that is because I am looking forward to learning about how to use computers and technology to enhance my everyday practices in my current position as a teacher in a therapeutic classroom. I like that that our instructor is encouraging us to formulate and tailor our projects and assignments to be applied in our chosen educational settings. I have learned so much in the graduate program about authentic tasks and real world connections, and it is wonderful to be able to have the opportunity as a student to have this experience in this course.

Finally, I'm excited because I feel like I will be learning a lot in this class because the instructor seems to be very knowledgeable, organized and will be pushing me to achieve a lot throughout the next several weeks of this condensed term. I also feel like I will be learning a lot from the students in the class as well. We seem to have a diverse group of intelligent students who bring a variety of experiences to the classroom. I love the nature of using blogs and the interaction; something I have not had in any other courses. After reading several posts, I am very impressed with what I have read and it has further inspired me.  

I guess I would be remiss if I did not say I was excited about this course, because it is the last one I have to take. However, although it has only been one session, if I were to do it again, I would want this to be my last course. Then again, this also could have very well been a great course to have as a first class in the special education program. I guess I will have to reflect after I have several sessions under my belt.