Monday, May 23, 2011

Session 2

After the second session, I find that I am enjoying this class and that it is going to be useful for future application in teaching. The instructor is very organized and presents very well. I like having the materials well organized and available in advance.

I have liked participating in the discussion boards and blog. I have never had a class where we utilized this forum or technology. It furthermore seems to be appropriate for a course on computer based technology in education. I am glad to have learned about the resource; Atomic Learning, something that I did not know existed until today's class, and something that I will use in the future!

I am finding that I am already learning a lot from this course, the teacher, and my peers. It has a good pace to it, and I find that the time goes by quickly. I enjoyed our preliminary work on the excel assignment and was glad that we had a chance to learn about and navigate the program together in class.

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