Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Session 3

After the third session, I am excited to work on the web 2.o project. There are so many (a kagillion) websites to explore and visit that I have never heard about.

Since I will be away in Spain next week, and will be missing two classes, it is very tempting to do a project on Skype. However, I have a feeling that a lot of the students in this class are familiar with the program. Additionally, I would prefer to do a project on a website that I am not familiar with so that I take advantage of this learning experience to explore something different and new.

I am also somewhat looking forward to the challenge of the spreadsheet assignment because for one, it gives me the opportunity to better learn this program and have a practical application which I can take advantage of in the future.

I do hope that I can somehow be in touch with the class somehow when I am overseas. Perhaps a webcam, blog, chat room, or even a brief visit via Skype for a conversation. We will see, but I am enthusiastic about trying to do something. 

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